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Eternal Office Equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou

Eternal office uphold professional, efficient, high-speed, integrity and intentions of service, tailored to customers rationalization of office equipment solutions since its establishment in 2009, our team has grown to attract a large number of highly educated, high-tech fully

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Eternal Eternal office services

Eternal office has many technical elite service to our customers, providing customers with convenient services in the shortest time to solve customer problems. We have directed the staff in Suzhou district, so there is an emergency group on standby to provide on-site service. We will repair customers in troubleshooting mode, change the technical staff actively and regularly inspect equipment to detect faults in advance resolved. And set the track record of each machine to reach the life of regular replacement parts, reduce equipment failure rates.

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Address: South Gate Road, Suzhou, Suzhou City, 849
Mobile: 15851488827
Tel 0512 -65,195,272
Fax 0512 -82,119,062

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    contact: Manager li Mobile phone: 15851488827 The phone: 0512-65195272 fax: 0512-82119062

    address: Suzhou gusu district, 849 south way